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Cantler Corner Farm
Australian Shepherds Central Texas

New Litters of Mini Aussies - Sage and Shooter had a litter of 7 puppies on 01-10-24

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About Us


Don and Becky met at high school in 1974 in Jarrell Texas.   Sparks started soon afterward and the two were married in 1979.


Don went on to finish his degree at The University of Texas and Becky pursued a career in Healthcare and Banking. Over the years Becky became a full-time homemaker with 3 beautiful daughters. Don became a Manufacturing executive at several large Austin-based companies.   40 years go by in the blink of an eye and 12 grandkids later it is time for Don and Becky to pursue the next stage of their life.  Don retired in 2020.   

Don and Becky's life is focused on their family.

However, with retirement we needed an activity to drive daily activity.    What do Grandkids like?   Well, they like puppies.   So, we launched a small mini-Aussie breeding program.   Our grandkids will help us raise the puppies and run the business.  This business will also let us teach the grandkids how to work and not be overly centered on electronics and games.   You know work the old-fashioned way! 


So now we raise Mini Australian Shepherds on the same 28 acres where we have raised cattle since 1974. We have various breeds of dogs over the years. Many good dogs and many good breeds.  However, our favorite breed is a mini–Australian Shepherd.  This relationship goes back 20 years ago with our daughters Mini named (Whiskey).   Just about the smartest dog, you would have ever met. So Mini - Aussies as our focus was easy.  

Our goal is to provide you with a puppy that is beautiful, healthy, and will be a lifelong friend to you!   We also look forward to serving our customers/new friends well beyond the day you pick up your new puppy!

Meet Our Workers!


We have the best workforce in Central Texas. 


So far 5 of the grandkids are engaged in the puppy business.  Our oldest grandson (10 years) is our IT director. 2 of our 6-year-old granddaughters are puppy whisperers.

Our 3-year-old granddaughter is a puppy holder!  Our 5-year-old grandson is a puppy specialist.  More grandkids will enter the workforce when they become of age. 

baby girl.png
baby girl.png

Doghouse Construction Project

When we decided to raise Mini Aussies with our grandkids, we know we wanted to do this business in a first-class way.

So, we built an 800 sq ft doghouse ourselves over about a 6-month time period.  Although finishing touches are still underway such as welded dog runs, final paint colors, etc.

The doghouse includes 800 sq ft of heated and cooled living space.

There is a grooming station as well as a bathing station.

Each dog has access to the outside and runs through a doggy door.

Overall, there are 1.5 acres for the dogs to run in every day so they can maintain the best health.

Dexter Cattle are originally from Ireland.  They are one of the smallest domesticated breeds of cattle.

They are a friendly breed with a dual purpose of both Meat and Milk.

They are generally about 1/2 the size of larger commercial cattle breeds raised in the U.S.  Due to their size and Temperament, they are an ideal breed for small cattle operations or Homesteaders.  The females make excellent mothers and the Dexter breed is also easy on fencing.  

Our Dexters are open pasture and grass-fed.  We generally offer for sale between 6-10 heifers or bulls per year.


Contact us for available stock.  

Dexter Catttle


Coming Soon! Aussie Doodles

We are reviewing the possibility of raising Aussie Doodle Mini in the future.   This breed keeps all of the excellent characteristics of Aussies but also has reduced fur shedding due to the introduction of 50% poodle genes.

We already have our sire (Buddy) (Family Pet) in place for this future endeavor if we decide to move in this direction. 

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